About Us

We sell t-shirts that change lives, for real!

We are on a mission to improve the lives of people one t-shirt at a time. With that in mind, we've decided to make t-shirts available with reminding messages to uplift people's spirits and amplify more good. Sometimes a reminder message will serve to encourage you, the wearer, and there are times when other people will get the encouragement. We’re glad either way. 

We want you to make a bold statement of self-expression by wearing your favorite color t-shirts with a message you mean to say. God has given us a book full of instructions for living a good life and we're excited to share its content. For now, it's t-shirts but who knows where this zeal will lead. We're focusing on planting good seeds, and hopefully, these messages printed on t-shirts will germinate and grow deep in the hearts of people around the world. An idea that could bring forth fruit and bless people tremendously. 

Our t-shirts are all scripture inspired. We want to spread the love of Jesus through the products created and use the profit from purchases to help faith-driven entrepreneurs and the people their works support—basically, people in need.

You can join us on this mission by making a product purchase.